What Are The Recent Research Papers In Artificial Intelligence?

References and background – Finance Minister Arun Jaitley  was noted that the central government budget for 2018-19 Commission soon National artificial intelligence program will outline (National Artificial Intelliegence Program-NAIP)Earlier, China had outlined its three-tier Artificial Intelligence program, on which it is thinking of becoming the world leader in this field by the year 2030.

    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    • Artificial Intelligence was started in the 1950s. Artificial Intelligence means the intellectual ability developed in a gimmicky (artificial) manner.
    • Through this, computer system or robotic system is prepared, which is attempted to run on the basis of the same logic on which the human brain works.
    • According to John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, it is science and engineering to create intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, i.e. this is the intelligence shown by machines.
    • Artificial Intelligence is a way of creating computer-controlled robots or intelligent-thinking software like humans.
    • It studies about how the human brain thinks and how it learns when solving the problem, how it decides and how it works.
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     was noted that the central government budget for  what are the recent research papers in artificial intelligence?Computer and its Components-Basics of computer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
  • 7-Point Strategy on Artificial Intelligence

    Earlier in October last year, the Central Government had formulated a seven-point strategy, which would form the basis of India’s strategic plan to use Artificial Intelligence. The major ones are:
    • Developing methods for interaction of human machine.
    • Creating a capable workforce with Artificial Intelligence and R & D.
    • To ensure the security of the Artificial Intelligence System.
    • Understanding and working on the Ethical, Legal and Social implications of Artificial Intelligence
    • Assessing Artificial Intelligence Technology as standard and evaluating measurements via benchmark.
    Technological singularity
    Experts on Artificial Intelligence indicate the arrival of any situation such as ‘technological singularity‘ i.e the technical one. It refers to two things:
    1. Artificial Intelligence will be created in the future, which is more intensified than the human brain.
    2. This intelligence can solve the problems very quickly, which is beyond human capacity.
    It is believed that by 2045 the machines will be able to learn and improve themselves and will start thinking, understanding and working at such a fast pace that the path of human development will change forever.

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    Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in India

    Artificial Intelligence is in infancy in India and there are many such areas in the country that can be experimented with. Given its prospects in the development of the country, the industry has suggested to the government that it should identify areas where the use of artificial intelligence can be beneficial.
    The government also wants to use artificial intelligence wherever possible in good governance. The government has urged the industry to cooperate in formulating a model for the use of artificial intelligence. The industry has asked the government to focus on it at some points:
    1. For Artificial Intelligence, there would be an authority in the country to decide its rules and regulations and monitor the entire area.
    2. Government should identify areas where it can be used on priority basis.
    3. Energy, education, health, transport, agriculture etc. can be suitable areas for this.
    Need of Clean Data The industry believes that first of all the clean data will be required to create solutions for all the sectors and in this direction the government has to take appropriate steps. Government will also have to decide the policy priorities for the use of Artificial Intelligence. This will facilitate the strategy for those areas whose country is first required.
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    Major Applications of Artificial Intelligence

    Types of Artificial Intelligence

    • Purely Reactive
    • Limited Memory
    • Brain Theory
    • Self-conscious
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    Why caution is necessary?
    • Artificial Intelligence will change a lot in our way and ways of working.
    • Techniques like robotics and virtual reality will have revolutionized changes in production and construction methods.
    • A study of Oxford University has stated that 1.5 lakh jobs will be eliminated in America in the next two decades.
    The advantages of the machines with artificial intelligence are the same as the danger. Experts say that if the thinking robots begin to accept humans as their enemies in some reason or circumstance, then there is a threat to humanity. All machines and weapons can rebel. Such a situation has been conceived in Hollywood’s ‘Terminator’ movie.
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    What is the situation in China?
    After opening a research laboratory focused on artificial intelligence in China, Google has opened another office. This new Google office is in Shenzhen city. There are many Google users and partners in the city of Shenzhen and an e-suite office has been established to work with them well. Google’s Artificial Intelligence Center in China is promoting artificial intelligence research community by sponsoring intelligent conference and workshops. It is Asia’s first artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence Center.

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    Will reskilling be required? 
    Will wise machines increase unemployment or make man more skilled? It is not possible to answer this question in the current circumstances. It will be very important for success to understand that how wise machines can be utilized efficiently in any work area. A skilled craftsman, artist, writer, composer, teacher or doctor will get employment in the age of intelligent machines, but skillful use of intelligent machines in business will further their skills. Most successful will be those who will be able to visualize the merk new products, services and industries.
    Indeed, artificial intelligence is a complex subject, so first of all it has to do a composite study in relation to its positive and negative effects. The government must be cautious about Artificial Intelligence. Most of the changes that come through mechanization are the groups which are unable to make desirable improvements within their time in their skill capacity. Therefore, the Government should provide resources along with time to provide adequate pembinaan to such people. In this changing phase of the techniques, it is necessary that people should be given skills for specialization and development of infrastructure for this.
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    Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence has been a vivid topic in the center of the discussion for several decades. Scientists keep discussions from time to time about its good and bad results. Today the world is changing rapidly through technology. The state-of-the-art technology is being used extensively in every field to speed up development and to provide better amenities to the people. Increasing industrialization, urbanization and globalization have accelerated the pace of development, while at the same time it has given birth to a number of new problems, which are constantly looking for new solutions. While the scientists countless benefits of artificial intelligence, they also believe that the biggest damage will come from humans, because their work will be taken from machines, which themselves will make decisions and they are not controlled, So they can be harmful to human civilization. In this case, before using them, it will be necessary to balance both profit and loss.

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