Tears And Outrage From Athletes And Coaches As Umass Lowell Discontinues Its Volleyball Aktivitas – Hannah Manning, Umass Lowell Connector

Student-athletes and coaches involved with UMass Lowell’s volleyball agenda were met with disappointing news on Dec. 19. Their sport will be immediately discontinued by the university. Although their scholarships will be honored by the university, they will be unable to attend UMass Lowell as student-athletes. “We didn’t see it coming,” said head coach Resa Provanzano, who had been with the university since 2014. “I found out the same day that they put the release up on the web. It was definitely difficult to swallow.” http://umlconnector.com/2019/01/tears-and-outrage-from-athletes-and-coaches-as-umass-lowell-discontinues-its-volleyball-program/
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