Elimination Moment Group 5 6 7 8 TOP 48 Lida 2019 Last Night

Lida 2019 TOP 48 Grup 5 6 7 8 Yang Tersenggol Tadi Malam (eliminated last night) – Tersenggol is the term used in the competition singing Lida 2019, which in concert singing competition TOP 48 every group be shown 4 singers, and one of the finalists who get the lowest poll rating then he will be “Tersenggol”/eliminated (out of competition) while 3 other singers are entitled to proceed to the next round biggest TOP 36.

Another term used in the competition singing Lida 2019 is “Duta Provinsi”.  “Duta Provinsi” is the Provincial Envoy participants representing the province’s area is divided into 34 provinces Lida 2019

Competition Quotes:
Liga Dangdut 2019 is The biggest singing competition
If do your work with your whole heart’s, you will succeed.
Sports teaches you to understand the meaning of music
If you’re a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you.
Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge.
Lida 2019 is Seni menyatukan

Who was eliminated last night in Liga Dangdut Indonesia 2019 TOP 48

Group 5 TOP 48 Lida Feb, 22 2019

  • Kiki Duta Provinsi Kepri
  • Fikoh Duta Provinsi Bangka Belitung
  • Selly Duta Provinsi Banten 
  • Riswan Duta Provinsi Central Kalimantan Tersenggol

Group 6 TOP 48 Lida Feb, 23 2019

  • Ebi Duta Provinsi East Jambi
  • Linda Duta Provinsi South Kalimantan
  • Hafiza Duta Provinsi South Sulawesi
  • Arman Duta Provinsi Aceh Tersenggol

 Detik-detik Eliminasi Group 5 TOP 48 Lida 2019

Group 7 TOP 48 Lida 2019 

  • Diyan Duta Provinsi West Kalimantan
  • Burhan Duta Provinsi Yogyakarta
  • Rezha Duta Provinsi Bangka Belitung
  • Aisyah Duta Provinsi West Java Tersenggol

Group 8 TOP 48 Lida 2019

  • Faul Duta Provinsi Aceh
  • Yusuf Duta Provinsi North Maluku
  • Iwan Duta Provinsi West Sumatera
  • Endang Duta Provinsi Central Sulawesi Tersenggol

That’s the information about Group 5 6 7 8 TOP 48 Lida 2019 which tersenggol (eliminated / Elimination) and qualified for the next round of TOP36. Keep Support your singers always through prayer, and also sms polling or vote shopee. Congratulations to the singers LIDA 2019 which already qualified for the top 48, the singers who haven’t to keep the spirit do not give up.